Meet the Team

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce you to my team. My name is Riannon Bettini (center right), I’m the sole owner and director of Torque Auto Babinda. I’m currently studying a Bachelor of Business, majoring in Accounting while also working part time at Babinda Community Bank. I’ve been  fortunate enough to have the support of the Sganzerla family who’ve allowed me to utilise their workshop which is an important part of their family’s heritage. With this I am so humbled to know that my late Nonno, Ivan Bettini began his automotive trade under the Sganzerla family in this exact building  over 55 years ago. We have all learnt that life is short and we must take every opportunity we can to do what we love, and as such, this venture means a great deal to me. I’m not only supporting my own dreams of owning my own business, but I’m also supporting the dreams of both  my brother and partner.

Torque Team

I’d like to introduce one of the mechanics, my brother, Dylan Bettini (far left). Dylan and his wife Jenna who live in Babinda play a huge part in my life and business. Dylan has worked in numerous mechanical workshops over the past 8 years gaining experience in all aspects of automotive  industries. He began his apprenticeship in 2009 in Cairns and successfully completed his trade in November 2012. Dylan has been a car enthusiast since the age of 4 – the day he realised that Dads V8 was way cooler than any other car. At the age of 13 Dylan rebuilt and restored a 1977 LX Torana, where he continues to win numerous awards at car shows. He has a passion for 4 wheel driving with his cut back cruiser and Suzuki. He has a sharp eye for detail and is very enthusiastic about all that he does.

Next up is my partner, Kieren Roveglia (center left). Kieren is a local boy of Ingham, who moved to Babinda to work along side me. In 2010, Kieren began work at Ingham Toyota as a car detailer and not long after began his automotive apprenticeship in 2011. By December 2014 he had completed his trade with numerous other certificates within the  automotive industry and later became Head Foreman of Ingham Toyota. Kieren then became a key member of the RACQ team, working tirelessly most weekends on call. Kieren, along side his family, has serviced the community through the Queensland Fire Service for many  years. He is car crazy and he loves playing around in the shed with various car projects alongside his father. With his dedication to work and passion for cars and community, I know Kieren will be a huge asset to my business.

Lastly, meet my sister Demi(far right). Demi will be my right hand woman in everything business related. Working for Torque Auto in the office will be Demi’s very first job but she is more eager than ever to learn something new.